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Taiwan Currency

Taiwan has gone through a lot of different kind of suppressions brought upon by Japanese, Spain and other countries. Owing to this fact, the Taiwan currency has seen a lot of ups and downs in its history which compels us to study a little bit of Taiwan currency.

Information About Taiwan Currency

We are sharing the information about Taiwan currency with you so that it could benefit you in knowing the country better. The Taiwan currency is New Taiwan Dollar which is sub-divided into ten jiao. New Taiwan Dollar has its roots in China but has been the currency of Taiwan since 1949 and has not been changed after replacing the old Taiwan Dollar. The history of New Taiwan Dollar goes back to 1949 when it was declared by the bank of Taiwan. At that time there was dramatic civil war going on in China.

Taiwan Currency to PKR & USD

This Chinese civil war led to hyperinflation of Old Taiwan dollar. On another side, Beijing was captured and all the gold from China was moved into Taiwan for preservation. Since, then the government declared that the New Taiwan dollar was to be the new currency that would be issue by the bank of Taiwan. So, basically in order to fight the hyperinflation of Old Taiwan dollar, New Taiwan Dollar was introduced. As for now, the currency rate of the New Taiwan Dollar keeps on rising and falling in the international market. One New Taiwan Dollar is equivalent to 4.27 Irani rupees and One New Taiwan Dollar is equivalent to 0.032 United States Dollar. 

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