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Languages in Taiwan

Before travelling to Taiwan, it is very important for you to know a little about languages in Taiwan because the people here follow ancient religion and culture. Owing to this fact, having some knowledge about the languages in Taiwan will not help you while on your tour but it will also reflect an impression that you highly respect the country which will make the residents more welcoming to you. As you already know there Taiwan’s roots go back to Chinese and the colonial rule of Japanese has greatly influenced the languages in Taiwan.

Taiwan Official Languages

The Taiwan official languages are more than one and that is due to the fact that the people of mix background have been a part of this country which only adds up to the beauty of Taiwan. The official languages in Taiwan are

  • Mandarin,
  • Formosan languages,
  • Hakka
  • Japanese. 

Among all of these languages in Taiwan, the language that is spoken by the vast majority there is Mandarin and Hakka which makes them the national language in Taiwan. Mandarin is spoken by almost 80 percent of the population living there while Hakka is spoken by the 7 percent of the population. 

Other Languages in Taiwan

Other than these, languages in Taiwan that are used as secondary languages include Cantonese, English, Indonesian and even Thai. These are the languages that are mostly used by the foreigners who are either visiting the country or who have newly started living in the country. Even Japanese is spoken as among the foreign languages in Taiwan which is used for communication normally. 


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